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Dr. Pierce is a chiropractic neurologist who uses brain wave scans and lab tests for optimal brain health in his practice. This website is something different. Here you will see how doctors think, and you will gain the skills to heal yourself with or without doctors. The best specialist is a good generalist, and navigating US healthcare is fraught with conflicts of interest and captured regulatory agencies that do not care about you.

Understanding your health or medical condition, whether it’s something that’s truly diagnosed or a mysterious ongoing symptom, ache, or pain, is critical to healing. You do this by finding the root cause of your stress and discomfort and healing yourself holistically. We can help with classes, courses, live events, coaching and other non-doctor services.

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Root Causes Of Symptoms

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28 Years

Clinical practice & consultations in the US, Europe and Mexico.

I help people discover what real healing looks and feels like. We do this by helping you find the root cause of your stress and discomfort. Healing yourself holistically is actually possible.

Knowing some signs that you are on the right track despite ongoing symptoms would be refreshing. Generally, when someone on the path of healing faces symptoms that do not improve, they have layers of questions.

Discover the Root Causes of Your Chronic Health Issues

Here, we get to the root causes of chronic health issues, especially those related to brain and nerve function. Metabolism is the body chemistry, and it needs a good food plan. We teach concepts of food tolerance and intolerance, and the balance between fats, carbs and proteins for each individual.

Toxins in our world are marginalized and accepted but are far more impactful than we admit. We discuss, measure, and eliminate several categories of natural and synthetic environmental toxins.

On the other hand, the idea of contagion is inflated to monstrous importance when healthy people actually resist infection in studies of contagion. Many Americans have toxin lab results with unhealthy levels, and they can recover, restore health and even reverse their illness with a little education, effort, and encouragement. Many infections are actually a result of toxic burden. Battling infection with a war of drugs is generally less effective than starving the infection by cutting off the carbs and toxins in our daily meals that feed these infections.

Balancing all of this can feel overwhelming, so let us help with shortcuts and hacks that make it so much easier to change your undesired habits.

Do I Have The Correct Treatment?

Perhaps your treatment dose is too high or too low. Even though your underlying issue is correctly identified and diagnosed, for you, the solution isn’t working.  Maybe you just needed a lower or higher dose.

Or, perhaps you can’t tolerate the treatment at all and need something completely different to feel OK in your body (especially when your original diagnosis is still fundamentally correct). You may need to fundamentally change the treatment, but not the underlying diagnosis. 

Still other people have a diagnosis that does not address root causes. They need a whole new diagnosis and a new treatment that addresses root causes.


This one may look like a person who has anemia, and they take iron supplements only to feel horribly constipated and experience worsening sinus infections. No dose of iron works for them.

Yet, changing to B12, copper and vitamin C and NO iron except in red meat, this, they tolerate just fine.

Do I Have The Incorrect Treatment Or The Incorrect Diagnosis?

Perhaps Your Internet Searches Led You Down The Wrong Path?

This looks like a person with indigestion who decides they are diagnosed with low stomach acid (often called reflux and GERD), but nothing they can try brings relief: not apple cider vinegar, zinc lozenges, lemon juice, DGL licorice or food combining …

Maybe Dr. Google was wrong with their diagnosis? Funny how that works…

Or, as you work through your challenges you notice other secondary side-effects. This can involve a completely different organ or body part than you were hoping to fix

This may look like taking Bisphosphonates for Osteoporosis, and while your bone pain reduces, you fracture your hip.

This may look like a person with a thyroid issue taking only thyroid medication, and yet you’re making very little progress and cannot lose weight or bring your blood pressure down.

Maybe, the medication isn’t the comprehensive solution you need. Once you begin an appropriate elimination diet, you discover that you finally start losing weight.

Maybe your prescription wasn’t the right medication to solve the root cause for your bone thinning problem.

It's possible you don't even know the root cause of your challenges yet. And if that's the case, you can succeed by discovering the root cause.

Dr. Michael Pierce

How Long Should Healing Take?

Am I Making Progress?

If you’re concerned that you’re not getting better or that your healing or treatment plan are not right for you. We can help you figure out how

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