Resources, Links & Annotated Bibliography

These resources are website and leaders in this space that I often cite in my videos and my articles. We will keep this page updated so you have access to free information that is critical for your health and wellness journey. After all, we are all better when we’re more informed AND when we do our own homework! ~ Dr. MIke

  1. Children’s Health Defense is a website made famous by RFK Jr. of a nonprofit that exposes fraud and corruption in health care agencies and industry, pollution, big agriculture, finance, drugs, food, and much more. They also successfully sue government agencies and corporations for such offenses.
  2. IPAK is online courses headed by the scientist and author James Lyons Weiler who also has a peer-reviewed journal and an official IRB-institutional review board- that vets and approves human research studies.
  3. This is a board that approves the training and testing of candidates for the specialty of chiropractic neurology-it has a doctor locator search function for many countries and states.
  4. This site is a board that approves the training, testing and mentorship for clinicians and techs seeking specialty in QEEG interpretation.
  5. This site coordinates the training and certification of neurofeedback for clinicians and techs.
  6. This is a weekly show called the Highwire, and nonprofit by the investigative reporter Del Bigtree, and they also use half their budget to fund lawsuits against polluters, corrupt corporations and government agencies and they have a great track record.
  7. This is a youtube channel from Australia that explains low carb science with evidence and explanations, it features many types of doctors and scientists discussing all aspects of low carb diets, conditions and risks.
  8. This is a school of the seed in India created by the scientist and particle physicist Vandana Shiva, an activist who wrote many books on injustice in food, agriculture, patents and medicine.
  9. David Martin is a patent lawyer who researches corrupt bioterror patents and documents every step of biomedical and financial conspiracies.
  10. The Fat Emperor is a website and YT channel by the biomedical engineer Ivor Cummins from Ireland. He is a high level process engineer with experience in complex problem solving in engineering problems, and he exposed falsity in both covid-19 issues and in the diet-fat-cholesterol myth of heart disease.