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I grew up in a house where we ate junk-at first. "Tang" was in back then and everyone wanted to eat modern "astronaut food". Preservatives were going to save everyone from food-borne illness. Little did we know that processed food and additives were the real problem.

Cleanliness was in, and there seemed nothing cleaner than the packaged, processed foods coming from the gleaming and sterile processing plants of the day. I was duly vaccinated at the time. Breast Milk was considered third-world, banal and dirty, and bottled formula was the rage.

When I was 7, my parents had reached the end of orthodox doctoring of my problems. I had sleep, skin, food allergies, and trouble focusing. To help, they decided to try an elimination diet after reading the publications of Robert Rodale that my grandfather had provided. Rodale was trained in agriculture and soil science and following his advice, we eliminated several foods and I got better.

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Our Family Became Members Of Local Food Co-ops

As a family, we then stopped all dairy, wheat, corn, processed food additives, refined sugar, and others. Surprisingly (not surprisingly) our collective skin problems, headaches, coordination, and focus issues at school all cleared up in weeks. We became members of local food co-ops in a neighbor’s basement, and we bought meat from private sellers. We stopped eating any ingredients with chemical names before organic was a thing.

My mother became a La Leche League leader and immersed herself in the culture of community health support without doctors. Years later I would learn that I came from a long line of pharmacists and chiropractors.

My Health Issues

My brother and sister were born later, and I got to witness the home birth of my sister and it changed my life even more. Both of them had health issues that also responded to dietary cleanups and eliminations.

During my childhood, our family read books and got the newsletters from Robert Mendelsohn, the medical heretic; Robert Rodale, Ben Feingold, and later William Walsh, William Shaw, Bernie Siegel, Alexander Schauss, and many others.

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Short Bio

Michael Pierce started his health education in childhood in a family immersed in La Leche League, natural childbirth, chiropractic and whole foods without artificial colors, flavors and refined foods and sugar. He learned the hard lesson of bias in the medical industry against wellness and independence from modern industrial medicine early and studied basic sciences and the humanities heavily as an undergrad. He has a family tradition of chiropractors and healers going back several generations.

He completed his Doctor of Chiropractic from the original Palmer University in Iowa and went on to earn a board certification in Neurology from the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) Board of chiropractic neurology, and currently serves on the exam committee. He was medical director of a 100-bed destination wellness retreat center with a team of 30 staff and doctors. He taught neurology candidates in the preceptorship-internship program and in clinical neurology, neurological and physical examination, differential diagnosis, and clinical and molecular neurochemistry, and lectured widely and designed products for the health food industry.

He was a member of the NNFA (now NPA-Natural Products Association). He has practiced for 28 years and consulted in the US, Europe and Mexico for over 100 clinics.

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