Peer-to-Peer Sessions

Doctors & Mental Health Clinicians

If you are a licensed doctor or mental health clinician, you may be curious about mechanisms, root causes, alternative methods, biochemical pathways, or neuroanatomical networks and biomarkers of disease and dysfunction.

I have over 30 year’s experience teaching clinical interns of all disciplines, as well as state-sponsored continuing medical education courses for official license renewal education.

Collaborative discussions on case presentations may appeal to you for complex cases, and sometimes a second pair of eyes can offer a new perspective.

  • I have collaborative experience with and am conversant in most health disciplines, from medicine and surgery to dentistry, optometry, psychiatry, and psychology.
  • I offer levels of engagement from passive courses that may be accessed anytime, through levels of membership to personal appointment/consultation times with me.
  • My clinician-focused courses are engaging and address the real-life needs of active clinicians. If you prefer 1:1 time with me, this is a well-structured and productive experience.

To apply for a private call with me, please schedule a peer-to-peer discussion.